From the Users

Quotes from ReAbility online Users


  • “I truly thank God that I was asked to participate in this program. I very much enjoy using the system and already see results. Knowing how judgmental I am, if I say this, then there really is an improvement. I wait for every session. If I could, I’d use it even more often.”
  • “It has been several years since my stroke. Since then I felt that my left hand was no longer part of my body. For the first time in years [now that I am getting therapy with ReAbility Online], I have regained the use of my left hand and feel it again! I can now use to hold light objects, eat with a fork and do other daily tasks. Until a few weeks ago, I simply had to avoid these activities.”
  • “You shouldn’t ask me if I see any improvement. Ask my family and they will tell you how much improvement I have gained using this system.”


  • “It is always good to work on my speech. If I can do it from home, it is even better.”
  • “The feedback that I get from the system is very helpful for improving my word finding difficulty.”
  • “The system is easy to use, I can understand the instructions on the computer, the writing is very clear.