Our Language system is a “cloud” based system enabling patients to engage with a remote Speech and Language Therapist (SLP).
The remote session uses computerized language and speech tasks that are tailored to the patient specific impairment.

The system has two modes:
The written language mode, uses an artificial intelligence agent module that learns from a human clinician how to identify language difficulties and respond in a clinical manner. The artificial intelligence provides unique service scalability that allows a single clinician to handle multiple therapy sessions without sacrificing the quality of care.
The video conference mode allows patients to participate in an online one-on-one session with the SLP using variety speech and language tasks and exercises.
The above two modes of practice can be combined according to the patient evolving therapeutic need.


Presentation in Hebrew at a conference on “Learning, Innovation and Technology” held at the Open University (Ra’anana, Israel) on 15-1-2014.


  • 2815_mb_file_d1f49Picture naming: Write what you see in the picture
  • 2812_mb_file_437d7Generative Naming Task: Write as many clothes items
  • 2813_mb_file_b4288Reading comprehension: Complete the missing words
  • 2814_mb_file_2050eOdd one out: Mark what does not belong to the category of fruit