Tele-Language – Frequently Asked Questions


Am I suitable?

Inclusion Criteria

  • Acquired impairment in language skills: Aphasia, difficulty in word retrieval, reading and/or writing.
  • Diagnosed with Acquired Brain Injury, having had a CVA, or Traumatic Brain Injury.
  • For patients in community: Minimum of 3 months from onset of the disease unless a Speech and Language Pathologist recommended tele-rehabiliation
  • Comprehension of simple instructions.
  • Hebrew proficiency (pre-morbid reading in Hebrew for leisure).
  • Independent, or caregiver assisted operation of the system.
  • A home computer and internet access with speed of at least 5 MBPS

Exclusion Criteria

  • Severe cognitive decline and/or diagnosis of dementia
  • Pre-morbid psychiatric condition, major depression or current psychiatric condition that limit cooperation
  • Impaired vision or difficulties in visual perception which prevent computer use.
  • Motor impairment or apraxia which prevent control of a computer mouse or keyboard.
  • Untreated epilepsy, an epileptic seizure within the previous 6 months, unless there is specific approval from the attending physician.


How will I benefit?

The system will let you practice language skills that match your level. You will be able to practice at home.


What do I need to do?

You will have to arrive to the Sheba Medical Center for evaluation. Afterward you will be encouraged to practice at home once or twice a week. The practice will be held on pre-set times.


Are there any limitations for this therapy?

The system currently works in writing and does not practice speech directly. Practice is meant to improve language skills in general.


Role in my rehabilitation

Home practice can improve your skills in addition to traditional therapy. Clinicians may recommend that you practice concurrently with receiving traditional treatment or only after therapy ends. Intensive practice should advance rehabilitation.


What if I know nothing about computers?

Very little previous knowledge is necessary. You need to be physically able to type and use the computer mouse.