Tele-Motion – Frequently Asked Questions


Who is suitable for tele-motion rehab (inclusion criteria)?

People who have had a stroke or other type of neurological or orthopedic injury and want additional rehabilitation in order to continue to improve their upper and lower extremity strength and range of motion.  Typically, ReAbility tele-motion clients will have finished rehabilitation services at a hospital or health clinic but would like to maintain and improve their motor and cognitive abilities by continuing to exercise at home. Patients are encouraged to experiment for two months at no cost to the innovative treatment of remote rehabilitation at home using a computer connected to an occupational therapist, physiotherapist and/o speech therapist at the Sheba Medical Center

You are eligible for Tele-Motion Rehab if you need movement rehabilitation for your upper limb after a neurological (e.g., CVA, TBI, MS) or orthopedic problem. You need to have at least 45 degrees of shoulder and be able to extend your elbow. You need to have reasonable sitting balance and be able to understand basic instructions. You will not be able to use this service if you have any medical conditions that may limit physical activity at the level of low intensity cardio-vascular exercise, non-treated epileptic seizures that require medication (unless approved by a physician), global Aphasia, apraxia or severe ataxia, or active oncology active disease.

If you are not independent at home, you will need a caregiver or family member to provide some assistance during the sessions. You will need a home computer (with a i3 processor) and internet access with speed of at least 5 MBPS


What benefit is there in using ReAbility online?

The scientific literature provides evidence for maintaining and even improving ones motor and cognitive abilities following stroke provided that guided exercise is available.  Using ReAbility online from home provides service that combines convenience, low cost, and interactive help from experienced therapists. The system will let you maintain and improve your upper limb movement, strength and endurance and also work on sitting balance. You will also be able to maintain and improve your lower limb movement, strength and endurance.


What do I need to do to begin using the system?

After contacting our service number, you will be asked several questions to make sure you are suitable for this type of therapy and will be requested to send us a copy of a recent summary of your rehabilitation status for internal evaluation.  If you are considered to be suitable for our service, you will be invited to the Sheba Medical Center for evaluation. You will be given full instructions and arrangements will be made to set up your home computer to run the rehabilitation games.  Afterwards you will be encouraged to practice at home twice a week. The practice will be held on pre-set times.


What if I know nothing about computers?

Very little previous knowledge is necessary. You will be given remote support to set up the computer and camera and we will communicate with an attendant or family member to make sure that the systems works correctly.


What if I don’t have a computer or a camera?

It is possible to arrange to borrow a computer for a trial period.  The camera is lent to you as long as you are in the program.


Are there any limitations for this therapy?

Currently, due to safety concerns, therapy is only provided while the client is seated.


Role in rehabilitation

ReAbiity Online has been developed to comply with the primary goals of rehabilitation namely to prevent complications, minimize impairments, and maximize function. The service simply recognizes that the important roles of long-term intervention and monitoring as well as support for up to two to five years following injury.  The results of our studies show that online therapy is clinically feasible and improves the use of the upper limb.